This pump can move a gallon of liquid in 20 seconds.

Turbo Pump

At a glance, a liquid transfer pump doesn't seem like anything to get excited about. But when we really start thinking through all of the potential uses, we wondered why we didn't get one sooner!

Turbo Pump is the automatic, cordless powered, liquid transfer pump that easily lets you move any liquid. You just secure the hands-free clip and hit the button - use it on gas, water, oil, or any liquid. It even has an auto stop sensor that shuts off when the container you're filling is full.

We used ours for our ATV's - both for filling them, and for transferring the gas OUT of the ATV and into our car so it didn't just sit there in tanks. Other great uses are for lawn mowers and yard tools, snow blowers, boats, generators, cleaning fluids, all kinds of stuff. You can drain a fish tank or a hot tub. You can winterize your RV or motorcycle. Pretty much anything you can think of.

It's completely cordless and runs on 3 AA batteries - which apparently never die because we used ours every day for two weeks filling our ATV's and didn't have to replace them.

Definitely one of our coolest finds!