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What is Viral Products?

Remember that cool product you saw once on social media, but now you can't seem to find it again? We probably have it.

Viral Products collects the hottest, best-selling, trending-right-now items and makes them available all in one place. When you browse our marketplace, you're actually browsing the best items from thousands of independent online stores. All of the products we feature are trending items people are buying right now, ranked by our own Viral Score.

Where do the products ship from?

Products on our site ship directly from the seller, so the origin can vary depending on what you're buying. Our sellers are organized by their location, so you can change your location if you want to see what's available in other countries.

So when I shop, I'm buying directly from the seller?

Yep. We don't middle-man the purchase or ever see your payment information. We also don't take any percentage of the sale, charge any fees, or collect any information about you. When you check out, you're checking out directly on the Seller's website.

How much does shipping cost?

Since all of the products we show come from different sellers, every item is different. When we've detected an item always ships for free, we'll indicate this on the product page with a Free Shipping notation. For all other items, when you click the Buy button you'll always see the order total with shipping before you pay.

What's a Viral Score?

It's a number we completely made up. Sort of. It's our algorithm that ranks products based on a combination of overall popularity, sales velocity, and social media engagement. Basically we look at a lot of different data points with the goal of detecting when a product's popularity is growing. Products that aren't trending or selling well generally don't make it to our site -- sometimes an online store we've identified will have dozens of products and we'll only feature one or two of them.

What is that Live page about? Are those real orders?

Yep! That's actually our favorite page on the entire site. Just head over, sit back, and watch the orders roll in. It's a great place to see what people are buying in realtime, discover new things, and get gift ideas.