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Viral Products collects and ranks the trending-right-now items from thousands of independent online stores. And we'd love it if your products were here too!

Our sellers have received:

Features & Benefits

  • No fees. It's completely free.
    We don't take a percentage of your sales or charge any fees.
  • Customers checkout on your store.
    We don't middle-man the purchase. When a customer hits the Buy button on our site, they're taken directly to your store for checkout.HINT: You can click the Buy button on any product on our site to see how this works.
  • No maintenance or management required.
    Our Shopify app does all the work. Managing your listings on our site is completely hands-off and any changes you make to your products, prices, or stock status within Shopify will sync with us automatically.
  • Reach new customers
    Thousands of people visit our site every day to see what's trending and discover new products.

How do you choose which products to feature?

We can't reveal all of our secrets here, you know. But we can tell you this much; we're constantly analyzing a lot of data, including monitoring social media sites to see what products are trending. When we identify a product, it's ranked against the other products we're monitoring and assigned a Viral Score. Viral Scores are updated throughout the day as new information is collected, and used to determine where and how frequently a product is shown.

Do I need thousands of sales to be here?

Nope! A lot of data points go into calculating a product's Viral Score, but one of the most significant is the Velocity Score. This is a relative figure; meaning an item that normally sells 100 units a day but sells 200 today would rank higher than a product that normally sells 1,000 every day. This makes it so products that are naturally popular and sell tons of units every day don't dominate our site and drown out other products that are just starting to take off.

How can I get started?

That's easy; just see our requirements to make sure your store and products will be approved, then follow the link from to install our Shopify App. We'll review your store to make sure it's appropriate for our site, and after that you'll be up and running.

Seller FAQ's

  • How do I get paid?Our Buy Now button just links to your store's checkout, so customers are always checking out from your own website and paying you directly.
  • What kind of products are allowed here?Our goal is to keep friendly and safe for all ages. We allow most physical goods that ship with tracking numbers, as long as they're shipping from the US or Canada.
  • What isn't allowed?
    • Non-physical goods (like eBooks and other info-products)
    • Adults-only or sex-themed products
    • Drug-related products (including cannabis)
    • Counterfeit (including "replica" and "tribute") products
  • What if you identify a product I don't want on here?That's a bummer, but no worries. Just remove it from the Viral Products sales channel in Shopify and it will disappear from our site within a few minutes. You can add it back to the Sales Channel if you ever want to bring it back.
  • Do you collect data on my customers?If a customer purchases your product through our site, we'll know about that, but we don't have any insight into what customers are doing outside of our own site.
  • What happens if I uninstall your Shopify app?Well, first we cry for a little while because we hate to see you go and hate having to take all of your products offline. If you haven't changed your mind and reinstalled the app after a couple days, our system will permanently delete everything as if you had never signed up in the first place.
  • Can I pay to boost my Viral Score?There is no mechanism to artificially boost a product's Viral Score, but we do have some Sponsored results that can boost visibility to items and have them featured around the site. You'll see how to do this in our Shopify app.
  • Can I appeal a disapproved product?If we ever disapprove a product, you'll see the reason on your Shop Manager page. If you think we made a mistake, you can reach out to seller help within the App.