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Hair Removal Mask

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  • $20.00

Product Description

Staff CommentsThe Turmeric Hair Removal Mask is a convenient option for those looking to remove unwanted hair without the pain of traditional methods. The addition of Manuka honey helps to soothe the skin and prevent rapid hair growth, making it a gentle and effective choice.
Experience painless and flawless hair removal with our innovative Hair Removal Masks. Our Turmeric Hair Removal Mask is designed to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body, except for sensitive facial skin. Simply apply the mask to the hairy area, wait 5-10 minutes depending on hair thickness, then remove with a damp cloth. This gentle mask effectively removes hair, contains Manuka honey to thin hair and prevent rapid regrowth, and has a subtle honey scent.

For a luxurious hair removal experience, try our Matcha Hair Removal Mask. This mask not only removes unwanted hair but also treats the skin with healing clay and Matcha, which brightens and softens the skin. Apply the mask, wait 10-15 minutes, and remove for smooth, hair-free skin. Like our Turmeric mask, the Matcha mask is gentle, effective, and has a subtle Matcha scent.

Both masks contain natural ingredients such as water, calcium Thioglycolate, Cetearyl alcohol, Ceteareth, calcium hydroxide, vitamin e, and fragrance. Please patch test before use, and discontinue if irritation occurs. While our products are not all-natural, they provide exceptional results. All sales are final. Get ready for a painless and effective hair removal experience with our Hair Removal Masks.