This tent sets itself up in 2 seconds when you throw it in the air.

Outlander Tent

Set up and break camp faster than ever with the Instant Tent by Outlander - you just toss it in the air, and it sets itself up before it hits the ground!

With zipper openings and bug screens on both ends, interior pockets for storing your phone and other essentials, and room for two adults, the Outlander Instant Tent makes camping easy. And when you're done, just fold it down and slip it back in the case.

Designed with Jeeps in mind, the Outlander tent straps around the rear spare tire. It's a perfect match for stock tires, and can fit tires up to 37" (as shown in the video). Next time you get stuck in the mud and your idiot friends aren't willing to come help, you can just set up camp and stay there!

Package includes tent, rain fly, stakes, paracord tie downs, and storage/transit case with straps.